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Sheep were the first farm animals to arrive. There were four Navajo-Churros and two Shetlands. They were primitive breeds with magnificent horns and long double coats. Donavan, the morit Shetland, took charge of the group and remained the undisputed leader for eleven years.

Our spinner’s flock needed an interesting variety of wool grades from fine to medium and primitive. Over the next few years other breeds were added to the flock which included Romneys, CVM, Merino crosses, Finn, Bluefaced Leicester, Icelandic, Jacob, and Cormo. The latest arrivals were a Wensleydale-Cormo-Coopworth mix.

The following wool products are available seasonally:

  • Roving from all breeds
  • Fleeces from some breeds
  • Shetland, Navajo Churro, and Farm Blend yarn