About us

Hidden Brook Farm began as a lifelong dream of watching a few sheep grazing in a field. Playing with their fiber was the next adventure. It became even more fun to watch lots of sheep as well as Alpacas, and Pygora and Angora goats grazing in the field. Angora rabbits moved into the barn.

Although not fiber animals, we love our small herd of Saanan and Nubian dairy goats.

The most recent addition to the farm was a herd of KuneKune pigs. They are small, friendly pets who graze in the field with the sheep. No fiber there either, but lots of fun.

Of course, no farm is complete without chickens, ducks, and guinea fowl. Hidden Brook Farm is located in the small rural community of Stow, Maine near Fryeburg. We have a beautiful mix of pasture and forest and a brook. It is a busy, but serene setting to spend time with our animals and enjoy the challenge of creating beautiful products from their fiber.